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Our range Accessories & Luggage at a glance

For everyday use, transportation and touring: Motorcycle luggage and other accessories. Whether you need a complete set of luggage for a round-the-world tour or just a tank bag for your sunglasses and cigarettes, you're certain to find what you're looking for at Louis. For the sturdiest solution, you should choose cases and top boxes made of plastic or aluminium, complete with the right rack systems. The flexible alternative: Textile saddlebags. They can be ideally combined with tail bags and roll bags. And, naturally, a tank bag, which should always be part of your motorbike gear. For choppers and cruisers, Louis has stylish leather luggage. The enormous choice of luggage is complemented by backpacks and personal bags specially designed for motorbikes, plus travel bags and a wide range of accessories such as rain covers and lashing straps. Other essential items for every day include: Motorcycle covers for outdoors and indoors plus all kinds of locks to protect against theft.