Motorcycle transportation by rail

Tips and information on motorcycle transportation by rail: since Deutsche Bahn stopped operating their motorail trains, several providers now fill this gap on the market.

Motorrad Transport mit der Bahn

In particular for northern Germans the motorail train is not just a convenient, but also an inexpensive transport alternative if you offset the costs for fuel, tyre wear, tolls and overnight stays. You ride to the station in Hamburg or Düsseldorf in the evening, park your motorcycle on the carriage and check in to your rolling hotel room. The next morning you arrive at one of the destination stations – either in the direct vicinity of the Tirol Alps or in the centre of Vienna. The loading team takes care of proper securing measures for transportation with a special lashing system. You motorcycle is insured during transportation.


Watch out for the ceiling
When riding onto the transport carriage you must wear your helmet. The low ceiling height means there is a major risk of injury!

ÖBB Zug für Motorrad Transport


The motorail trains of the Austrian Federal Railways run daily between Hamburg and Vienna and Düsseldorf and Innsbruck. There are further connections from Austria to Italy and within Austria.

Foto: © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

Urlaubs Express Zug für Motorrad Transport


The Urlaubs-Express motorail trains travel to five destinations in Italy, Austria and Germany from Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Just load your motorcycle and, after a night in our cosy sleeper car, you arrive fully rested where the biking fun begins.

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