Clothing for mopeds and scooters

Louis has got all the clothing required for riding your moped or scooter. Whether you take your moped out on longer rides wearing functional clothing or zip about the city on your scooter in protective clothing suitable for everyday use – our wide range offers something for everybody, from helmets to boots. All of course at the low, low prices Louis is known for. Find your inspiration!

Suitable moped and scooter clothing

In addition to a selection of the top categories from the Motorcycle Clothing section, you will find a complete overview here.



Boots and shoes



Balaclavas and neck warmers

Customers looking for moped and scooter clothing are usually interested in the following topics:

Piaggio scooter spare parts

Jet helmets and police helmets


Spare parts for mopeds and scooters

Garage advice for mopeds and scooters

Spare parts matching your moped or scooter in the bike database

In the Louis Bike database, you can easily select your moped or scooter and find all the spare parts you need.

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