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Shipping costs and Forms of payment

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Shipping costs

To estimate the shipping costs for your order, just look here.

Where would you like the goods to be shipped?
CountryShipping costsNote
Albania39.95 € -
Andorra14.95 € -
Antigua and Barbuda59.95 € -
Argentina59.95 €-
Armenia50.95 €-
Azerbaijan50.95 €-
Australia66.95 €-
Belgium6.99 €Free delivery when you spend €50.00 or more.
Bosnia Herzegovina39.95 €-
Brazil59.95 €-
Bulgaria18.95 €-
Chile74.95 €-
Costa Rica59.95 €-
Denmark10.50 / 78.08 KR-
Germany4.99 €Free delivery when you spend €199.00 or more.
Dominican Republic59.95 €-
Estonia12.95 €-
Faroe Islands39.95 €-
Finland12.95 €-
France5.99 €Free delivery when you spend € 70.00 or more.
Georgia36.95 €-
Greece18.95 €-
Greenland39.95 €-
Great Britain10.00 / £ 8.83-
Hong Kong52.95 €-
Indonesia50.95 €-
Ireland8.99 €Free delivery when you spend € 199.00 or more.
Iceland40.95 €-
Israel33.95 €-
Italy7.99 €Free delivery when you spend € 70.00 or more.
Japan79.95 €-
Canada65.95 €-
Kazakhstan45.95 €-
Qatar73.95 €-
Kyrgyzstan50.95 €-
Colombia59.95 €-
Croatia15.95 €-
Latvia12.95 -
Liechtenstein 19.95 €-
Lithuania12.95 €-
Luxembourg8.95 €Free delivery when you spend € 199.00 or more.
Malaysia50.95 €-
Malta18.95 €-
Mexico50.95 €-
Monaco12.95 €-
Montenegro42.95 €-
Mozambique59.95 €-
Namibia59.95 €-
New Zealand66.95 €-
Netherlands6.99 €Free delivery when you spend € 70.00 or more.
Northern Ireland10.00 / £ 8.83-
North Macedonia32.95 €-
Norway22.95 €-
Austria6.99 €Free delivery when you spend € 199.00 or more.
Peru59.95 €-
Philippines44.95 €-
Poland4.99 / 23.38 -
Portugal12.95 €-
Republic of Moldova48.95 €-
Romania13.95 €-
Zambia59.95 €-
San Marino14.95 €-
Saudi Arabia56.95 €-
Sweden12.95 €Free delivery when you spend € 199.00 or more.
Switzerland9.99 €Free delivery when you spend € 199.00 or more.
Senegal59.95 €-
Serbia22.95 €-
Sierra Leone59.95 €-
Singapore48.95 €-
Slovakia12.95 €-
Slovenia12.95 €-
Spain12.95 €-
Spain - Canaries12.95 €-
South Africa59.95 €-
South Korea (Republic of Korea)63.95 €-
Taiwan ROC49.95 €-
Thailand44.95 €-
Trinidad & Tobago59.95 €-
Czech Republic12.95 €-
Turkey29.95 €-
Hungary16.95 €-
United Arab Emirates56.95 € -
Vietnam 50.95 € -
Cyprus18.95 €-
Other countries

In the case of all other countries not listed here, the shipping costs will be calculated separately. Please note that in some cases (in particular for deliveries outside the EU) extra custom duties may be due. For more information, please contact your local customs office.

Delivery by DHL Standard parcel

We will send your order as a DHL Standard parcel. The shipping rate depends on the destination country. The goods will be dispatched within 1-2 working days from receipt of your order. In case of delivery delays we shall inform you promptly.


Should it happen that a delivered article does not live up to your expectations, you can return it without any problem within 14 days. In addition we give a voluntary two-year right of return on many products. For more information on returns, please click here.

Any questions?

Further information can be found in our Standard Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions please fill out our contact form or call us on 020 3481 5025.

Forms of payment

Louis offers several payment options for your purchase. Here you'll find all the information you need to choose the most convenient payment option for you.

Advance payment

On receipt of order, you will receive an e-mail or letter from us with exact details of the total amount of your order incl. shipping costs. Only then should you transfer this total amount to our account. Once we have received the total amount, your order will be assembled and dispatched to you.

By credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Diners)

Please enter the credit card number in full and the date of expiry. The invoice amount is charged to your credit card account right with the placement of the order.


You may use PayPal to pay quickly, simply and safely in our Louis online shop. Use your existing PayPal account and pay for your order with the utmost convenience. We usually receive notification of payment from PayPal immediately and can therefore process your order without delay.

Any applicable bank charges are borne by the person placing the order. Please note that additional customs duties may arise (especially for shipments outside the EU). Your local customs authorities can provide you with details.

Our bank details below apply to customers in all countries:

HypoVereinsbank AG - Hamburg
IBAN Code DE 86 2003 0000 0000 3014 08

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