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Classic bikes from BMW hold a fascination that few other brands can match. Jochen Siebenrock also fell under the BMW spell. Ever since he established his firm, he has specialised in preserving the classic forms of the past while bringing them right up-to-date through innovative engineering. The development of technically enhanced remakes of sought-after accessories focuses on eliminating known weak points from the start. Thus Siebenrock components mean more performance, more sound and, most important of all, more riding enjoyment with classic bikes. All Siebenrock products are manufactured in the European Union, and more than 80 percent are even “Made in Germany”.

Highlights from Siebenrock

Cylinder head covers for
all BMW 2V Boxer models
from 1969 anwards


High-quality reproduction
of the original BMW rub-
ber grips for 2V Boxers

from 7.50

Oil pan extension ring
BMW 2V R-models up to
1.3 l more oil capacity!

Rating : 4.33 out of 5


Siebenrock exhaust clamp
nut for BMW /7 models -96
except R45 and R65


1000 cc big bore kit
for BMW 2V R80 models
from 1981 onwards

Rating : 5 out of 5


Products from Siebenrock

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