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Automatic chain lubrication system for motorbikes

Fraser Scott loved his bike, but hated the chore of keeping the chain in top condition. In 1977, this led him to develop the first automatic lubrication system for motorbike chains. Scottoiler is now global market leader in the manufacture of automatic motorbike chain lubrication systems and can draw on decades of experience in the field. Scottoiler systems have been continuously developed over the years, and have long since demonstrated their functionality, reliability and durability. Not just in everyday use, but even under the challenging conditions of numerous world tours. In 2002, for example, when Kevin and Julia Sanders achieved the fastest circumnavigation of the world on a motorcycle.

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Universal kit
Fully automatic chain
lubrication.The original!

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The electronic
Scottoiler kit, for use
on any motorcycle!

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Special version for a
various Ducati motorbikes

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