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Back in 1970, a young man by the name of Kenth Öhlin was passionate about and heavily involved in motocross. Now, Kenth was an observent fellow and one thing in particular struck him: motocross bikes had more power than their chassis could handle. He soon realised that a chassis could be greatly improved with better suspension components and began designing and constructing his ideal shock absorber. Today, the ÖHLINS firm is a leader in high-performance, suspension components for motorbikes, cars, ATVs and snow mobiles. Indeed, Öhlins' suspension components are an integral part of motorsport, its past, present and future.

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Öhlins for sticking on!
Emblem-like sticker

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Öhlins for sticking on!
Emblem-like sticker


For fans and friends
Beautiful key ring
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Shocks for various
motorcycles, custom-made
Type approv./test certif.

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For head and neck
For every situation
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Cool hooded pullover
Casual loose fit
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Fork oils developed by
Öhlins, 4 viscosities
Improved performance

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Fashionable Fan T-Shirt
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High performance for
production bikes!

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