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MOTOURISMO is the perfect motorcycle tours platform for you, featuring the world’s largest selection of motorcycle tours, training and shipping options. It’s easy to find what you want, compare and book on the platform, plus you can use LouisCard discount. The world is a big place. Tours to all the places you want to experience. 

The motorcycle tours platform MOTOURISMO has thousands of adventures ready and waiting for you. Serpentine tour in the Alps? Short trip to Madeira on a rented motorcycle? Winter escape to Andalusia with off-road training? Harley cruise in the USA or South Africa? Anything is possible with MOTOURISMO.

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Motorradreisen bei Motourismo

Motorcycle tours with MOTOURISMO 

Motorradtrainings bei Motourismo

Motorcycle training with MOTOURISMO 

Motorradtransporte bei Motourismo

Motorcycle shipping with MOTOURISMO 

MOTOURISMO makes all your dreams come true: impeccably planned trips with the best routes, the most stunning hotels and even a backup vehicle for luggage and service if you want, regardless of whether you are riding close to home on your own bike or on the other side of the world on a hired motorcycle. MOTOURISMO offers specialities to suit all preferences in all price classes. Simply select the right package for you from thousands of options. The right motorcycle tour, the perfect motorcycle training course or suitable motorcycle shipping for you will definitely be on this platform.


Italy – heaven for bikers 

Motorcycle tours Italy

This country is paradise for all kinds of people and not just bikers. But for bikers, la vita bella on an incline is something special. South Tyrol, Trentino, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Marches, Tuscany, Abruzzo to Campania and Sicily, of course... And we haven’t even mentioned Sardinia yet, which is an island people say was created just for riding motorcycles. But that’s true of practically the whole of Italy. And you can also count on the locals loving motorcycles as much as you do.


Spain – a dream destination for bikers 

Motorcycle tours Spain

It’s not easy to choose between the amazing regions in Spain: the low-traffic area in the Pyrenees at the border with France, the unique views of the idyllic Mediterranean Sea from the coast roads on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, the picturesque coasts and the mountainous areas in sunny Andalusia or the islands of Mallorca or Tenerife? You really could just spend your entire life on motorcycle trips riding all over Spain. With the odd siesta too.


France, where the curves in the road mount to heaven

Motorcycle tours France

It’s definitely possible that you’ll feel a bit of pity on your trips to France because, regardless of how far and high up into the majestic Alps you ride, there’ll always be people doing the same journey on bikes they have to pedal. But don’t worry: that was their choice, so just enjoy it. Ardèche, Cévennes, the Vosges, the Pyrenees, Corsica – and the Maritime Alps, of course! France guarantees you spectacular landscapes on some incredibly exciting journeys. Travelling here is the epitome of savoir-vivre. But first make sure you get off your bike and show some respect to the biking gods.


Norway: Where the curves in the road never end 

Motorcycle tours Norway

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful detours in Europe that’s truly off the beaten track then you shouldn’t overlook the north. From Oslo to the North Cape lie countless fjords and an amazing amount of roads with wonderful curves. Nature has given us such fascinating landscapes to explore on a bike here. If you ride to Norway you’ll never want to ride away.


Scotland: Land of the legends 

Motorcycle tours Scotland

Bagpipes, tossing the caber and whisky... You can, of course, experience all the Scottish cliches here if you can spare the time in between exploring the Lowland and Highland roads.


USA and Canada: the true classics 

Motorcycle tours USA and Canada

All the roads are long on this enormous continent. Immensely long. So it’s perfect when you want to enjoy the feeling of freedom on two wheels. And where else would you do that than in the Land of the Free? Welcome to the homeland of Route 66 and Highway No. 1, the Indian Summer and the Rocky Mountains – and, of course, one of the biggest motorcycle cult brands. But you don’t have to ride a Harley-Davidson® in this endless, enormous country that truly is heaven for those who love motorcycle  adventures of all kinds.


Asia, the oriental motorcycle dream 

Motorcycle tours Asia

You can hop on a plane and be in the world of the Far East with its unspoilt villages and landscapes brimming over with green in just a day’s time. When you get there, all-terrain motorcycles will be ready and waiting for you and you won’t have to worry about servicing or maintaining them. You’ll be an explorer on an epic journey rather than a tourist. It’s a motorcycle adventure that might just be the journey of a lifetime – for example, riding along the legendary Silk Road. Have you ever smoked shisha in Shiraz? Or parked your motorcycle in the shade of a world-famous mosque to have a chat with an Iranian merchant over tea? Have you ever cruised along fantastically winding mountain roads in the early morning mist, flying past aromatic rose gardens?


Germany, your cultural and curvy treasure 

Motorcycle tours Germany

Have you already seen all of the beautiful biking regions in Germany? Probably not. There really are a lot. “Why wander afar? Look, the curve is so close!” Even Goethe knew that. Why burn up petrol, time and materials getting to faraway places when breath-taking routes, fascinating landscapes and cultural sights that are centuries old await right outside your door?


Off-road experiences for beginners or adventurers 

Enduro tours and Enduro training

Nobody needs to be an expert to get involved: Off-road riding on two wheels is easier than you think. Learn the key tips and tricks at a local training session or on a winter escape to Spain. The world is your oyster then, and you can head out to Croatia, Bosnia, Morocco, Namibia or South America. You will travel on routes that hardly anyone knows anything about, because most of them simply haven’t dared yet.

Photo Credits: REV’IT!, Gravel Travel, Fotolia by Adobe, Silkroad Adventure, rm reiseteam, Almoto, Schwarzwald Biker Tours, Biker-Akademie, Rider’s Projekt

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